Astronomy, the word remains us about the space and myths behind the sun and moon. Many have fallacy that the astronomy deals only with the factors like defining the objectives and determining the shape of the space objects. But, lot many things are there to learn in astronomy than the finding and recognizing the objects.

For example, consider a space shuttle that carries astronauts to the space to do several kinds of researches. Fuel is the fundamental thing needed for shuttle to starts it journey. It is the point where need of knowledge on chemistry starts. The fuel that has a mixture of oxygen is required to make the shuttle propel and get down safely. The amount of fuel required for the shuttle entirely depends on the factors like weight and height of the shuttle and also a number of astronomers it need to carry.

Science Of Astronomy DealsIn such a case, assistance from mathematician to do all those calculation and determine the amount of fuel required. Engineers have a great part in designing the space shuttle. They are a professional who are well aware of the materials that can be used to make the shuttle attain the stability throughout its journey. We all know the Neil Armstrong is the first to land on the moon. Think how it became possible as it was found that there was oxygen on the moon. It makes us realize how the important the biologist in terms of astronomy.

A biologist can only provide practical solutions for obtaining artificial oxygen on the space. They are also well and good in suggesting food that can be consumed by astronomers while they were on the space. Hence, to become an astronomer one must have the knowledge on all subjects.

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