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Astro Facts is founded by a team of technical members who love to talk about space facts. We are an avid fan of space and we wanted to develop a website based on space. Astro Facts is the result of our ambition. Our website was started in February 2011. We started with a single blog and now it has been increased to more than 100 blogs. We have used a customized theme to develop our website. We use several useful plugins to make our site better readable.
We get most contents for our blogs from Google sites like Nasa. We ensure to update the page whenever we get a fresh topic. We love amazing scientific facts, science,and trivia. In this website, we have gathered crazy and cool science facts that keep you entertained throughout. If you have any interesting science facts, please send us a mail. We will be happy to post any piece of interesting information on our website.
We provide quality educational and engaging content and access to content for teachers, parents,and people of all age groups in order to encourage discovery and exploration. We foster collaboration and participation in informational, educational and civic activities. We get the viewer’s trust by offering informative, engaging and balanced astronomy resources and contents. We are observant to the concerns and needs of the groups we serve. As it is our teamwork website, we have shared blogs from a different genre. Hope you like and enjoy reading our website. Thank you for visiting our website.