People interest on learning about space has been even from the ancient days without any technological discoveries like telescope. Neil Armstrong, an astronomer, is the first to land on the moon. At first, many people were cynic on the fact behind Neil Armstrong journey and hesitate to recognize the achievements of United States.

Even Russian government has commented on the impression of the Neil Armstrong foot on the moon as the Hollywood-made snap just created by United States to show they are in ahead of the competition of determining the space components. But, the achievement of United States has found to be true as they had an evident to prove space expeditions. If you a survey among on what they want to become in the future, most of them will say their dream as to become an astronomer. It is because that stars, sun and moon are the wonders of the world that they experienced first.

Types of astronomyMany people know what the astronomy is, but they doesn’t aware of its origin. The astronomy is the name comprised from the Greek words, “Astro” and “nomos”. The word “astro” refer to the stars where “nomos” is the word that denotes law. Based on the evaluation methods, astronomy can be classified into two, theoretical and observational.
Theoretical Astronomy:
It relates with the analysis of space factors by using a computer, on which the basic principle of the physics will be given as the input.
Observational Astronomy:
As the name implies, it relates with the observation and assessing of the space related data.
Both the type of Astronomy is essential in determining the space factors.

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