It is indescribable to share the feel of watching the distant galaxy, twinkling stars and the entire solar system through the telescope. There are many types of telescopes available, and an astronomer needs a good quality telescope for his or her work. Most people think that the binoculars can be used only for watching birds, sports events, and concerts, but the real fact is that it can be used as a replacement for entry level telescopes. It offers the same usage as the telescope. Here are the merits and demerits of the astronomy binocular. First, let us see the advantages of astronomy binocular
The astronomy binocular is cost effective than the entry level telescope. It is good to buy the astronomical binoculars to start with and later you can buy the entry level telescope for good observing powers. The next advantage in the astronomy binocular is easy to carry to different locations, and it offers you more viewing time without frequent setups whereas the telescope lacks portability and the transport charge will be high, and it is difficult to setup often to get more viewing time. The last advantage is binoculars are not too heavy when compared with entry level telescopes. It is very small and handy.
BinacularThe disadvantages of the astronomy binoculars are the magnification capability. Magnification power of binocular is four times lesser than the telescope whereas the astronomy binoculars give you only limited magnification of the objects. One of the most important features in a telescope is GPS technology. Through GPS technology, the telescope will support you for your viewing range to observe certain heavenly objects through in-house programs whereas the astronomy binocular does not have this feature. The small size of the astronomy binoculars will not allow light inside whereas the telescopes will provide great light gathering into the instrument.

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