Usually, children are very interesting on understanding the mysteries of the space. Rocket launch, spotting meteorites, constellation are the primary factors that spark the interest among students to learn about the space. It will be thrilling for children to see the appearance of the star at the night and its disappearance during the day time.

Children will be more enthusiastic when they get a name define various constellations and stars on the sky. Creating the home planetarium is the best way to explain the children about the facts of astronomy in a funny way. Parents have to concern about the expenses needed for developing the home planetarium as it requires only a little amount to do. A recycled cylindrical container can be used to design the star.

The support stand and flashlight can add even more attraction to the artificial star. Get the star chart to design the outer view of the constellation and make pits in the lid of the container to present the constellation with the realistic look. Place the flashlight inside the container and make it position on the angled support stand. Use a projector in a dark room to explore star patterns from the lid. To represent planets and brighter stars, large holes can be created in the container.

Home Planetarium

Parents who don’t have adequate to design the home planetarium can make use of the artificial planetarium available on the market. The cost of the planetarium kits will vary based on the number of constellations and stars used. Curved paper projector is required to use the sky-gazing kids at the home.

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  1. When i was doing my schooling, i always fascinated visiting the planetarium and science parks. I agree with your facts and opinions.

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