Many people have an interest on learning the things beyond the moon and sun. By nature, people are exquisite in inquiring about the new things; hence, there is nothing to surprise when they pay particular attention to learn and to understand about comets, galaxies and planets. The science-fiction movies and serials are also the reasons for the increased interest of people on learning science. For a beginner, several things are there to learn about the subjects than just sightseeing stars blinking at the night. One must have knowledge on the formation of celestial to understand what the astronomy is deals with. Recently, it has determined the astronomy and astrophysics are similar on various aspects. Theoretical and observational astronomy is the two branches of astronomy.

Beginners Are astronomy Theoretical astronomy is about designing models to recognize the shapes of astronomical objects, whereas the observational astronomy is about analysing and gathering data. The outcome of both the methods will be used to conclude the result of the astronomical theories. Various indications and evidence that are left by the unprofessional astronomers are there to learn the fundamental things of the space science. Astronomy is a field where the beginners and unprofessional get a chance to perform active roles. Several clubs for unprofessional astronomers are there to support the people who have a real interest on doing research on space science. Those who are interested to learn astronomy are advised to become the member of the club. As a beginner, one must own the telescope to start with the research. Various types of telescopes are available on the market. So, one can buy the best according to their need

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